Trevor Gage Band

The Trevor Gage Band – Kelly Murphy, Trevor Gage, Michael Clark and others…

While Murphy was playing with Step On It, Boulse received a call from a friend of a friend who was looking for a lead guitar player who would be able to do several shows with a singer from Nashville without the benefit of many practices. Boulse suggested Murphy and Trevor Gage gave him a call.

Trevor Gage was from the Indianapolis area and recorded an album in Nashville Tennessee. The album was recorded with Nashville studio musicians and therefore he had no band to do dates with. With the suggestions from several area musicians, he put a band together to play about 7 gigs over a couple of months time.

Along with Murphy, he hired Michael Clark to play pedal steel guitar and some rhythm guitar. Clark has a resume a mile long that includes playing with many big name musicians and appearing on TV shows. Clark was and still is the staff guitarist with the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Show radio show. Clark accompanies many of comedian/musicians who appear on the show and tours with the Bob and Tom Band.

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