Terry Wheeler


Terry Wheeler live on stage at KAMMERSTOCK in Oelwein Iowa on December 12, 2015

Terry Wheeler in the Blue Horizon Band

Terry Wheeler (Wheels) played in the Oelwein band “Blue Horizon”

After Blue Horizon decided to call it quits, Wheels played in a band from Independence called Rewired.

He also played in the popular Waterloo band “The Proof”

He eventually moved to Austin Texas and later to Prescott, Arizona. For the last 30 years he has always been in a band or playing solo gigs wherever he lived. A recent band of his was called “Poor Kids Without Cable” This band was featured on a local Arizona TV station. See their performance here.



Video of Wheels at KAMMERSTOCK 2015

wheelsAtKammerstockResized2Terry Wheeler performs in the Prescott, Arizona area as “A Night with Terry Wheeler” His solo acoustic act is augmented by programmed drums and other instruments. Due to issues with the sound recorded by the camcorder microphone, this video does not represent the power of his performance. However, due to video footage supplied by Seth Vargason with his mobile device, you can get a glimpse of what his set sounded like to the audience in front of the stage.



Kelly Murphy and Wheels at Kammerstock 2015


Terry Kirkendall and Terry Wheeler in Falstaff, AZ

A Tribute to Mother, written and performed by Terry Wheeler (2013):


5 comments on “Terry Wheeler
  1. Stu says:

    Beautiful tune

  2. John says:

    Terry use to play in our bar/restaurant in Grand Lake, Co. We loved listening to him and knowing him. Pure enjoyment! We often think of Terry.

  3. Brenda Dominguez says:

    How can I contact Terry? Brenda Dominguez

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