Mike Vargason

Mike Vargason

Mike Vargason was in the Oelwein bands, Bilbo Baggins Blues Band, Country Patriots , Blue Horizon and Ruthless Orfanz.

Bilbo Baggins Blues Band – Mike Varagson, Randy Landis, Kelly Murphy

Country Patriots – Kelly Murphy, Rob Tatro, Mike Vargason

Blue Horizon – Tom Kammer, Terry Wheeler, Kelly Murphy, Mike Vargason, Rob Tatro, Chuck Hallberg


After Blue Horizon, he moved to Denver Colorado and was in a band called Stickman and The Slabz..

The SlabZ – Denver Colorado

The Slabz

The Slabz







The Ruthless Orfanz

The Ruthless Orfanz started off 2006 with the release of “ExamisH” the 9 song debut cd from Michael Vargason. Mike plays Guitar/Bass/Drums/Violin/Keys/and does all the Vocals. Writing the material for the album and colaborating with special friends on a couple of the tunes. “The Music is dance driven with different styles and attention to multiple listenings. So one song doesn’t seem like the other.” The Varg said. “I look forward to putting a band together to do tour dates and events as the cd makes its way around the world.” The Ruthless OrfanZ Fill a musical void with the release of “ExamisH” in a store near you. Or at I-tunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Bestbuy, Kmart, Or right here at Music submit.


Press Release:
The Ruthless OrfanZ “ExamisH” cd distributed by Sonicwave Intl has hit the stores and we expect great things once the public gets a listen. Said Michael (the Varg…) Vargason. Leader and multi-instrumentalist. The 9 song cd is available at I-tunes and Amazon with more to follow. Go to www.Sonicwaveintl.com/ruthlessorfanz to buy direct, and www.vargavisions.com to see and learn more about michael and the band. The song “NeveReaD” can be down loaded and the cd’s art cover can be viewed. Once sales and curiosity permit we will be putting a top notch band together to tour and do special events.  Ruthlesss OrfanZ’s Songs on MySpace


Mike Vargason Business Card

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