The Thirteenth Hour

Thirteenth Hour – Left to right: Jeff Coselman, Chris Theobald, Jim Mazziotti, Jerry Michels, Steve Bartels

What a nice looking group of boys (along with a couple of groupies)

A couple of vary rare color photos of the band playing live.





Jeff Coselman was the Lead Guitar player and Lead singer. In this photo he lost the guitar so he could do his James Brown imitation falling to his knees and doing the splits!


Good old Battle of the Bands


Jeff Coselman at band practice in his parents remodeled garage room with his Gibson guitar and Guild amp.

Cos with his Epiphone (?) 335 copy guitar.

A cut out from an original business card.

Off the drums, Jim Mazziotti brings up the tambo and sings on the only decent microphone anyone could afford at the time. I think it was an ElectroVoice mic.

An original mobile that hung from the ceiling (hundreds of them) from one of our first dances in the basement of the Sacred Heart School/Church Social Hall

Article from one of the band’s school dance jobs.

Photo taken in National, Iowa, where they played for an Upper Iowa University fraternity party.

During a break at their Samar Music practice site, Jeff Coselman sits at a piano and suddenly gets an idea

During practice a leak breaks thru the ceiling with Michaels and Mazziotti trying to protect their equipment.

Jim Mazziotti sits at his Slingerland silver sparkle drum set behind what I remember to be a Silvertone amp.

Chris Theobald, bass player, in his high school graduation photograph.

Steve Bartels poses

Photo of Jerry Michaels for possible posters. Holding his Guild “Tennessean” guitar and Guild amp.

Jerry Michaels, rhythm guitar player died in a fire in Iowa City a few years after the band broke up. He is missed

Steve Bartels at his Farfisa organ at practice in the back of the first Samar Music store (former California Food Grocery Store). Steve was not an original member, but drove in from Westgate as he was a student at North High in West Union

Steve Bartels kickin back at practice.

Tom Miller with his new Teisco guitar and amp….and some serious winter weather head gear!



Somebody had to take the photo. My guess is that Chris Theobald drew the short straw…and besides…he was way too cool to be in this photograph anyhow.


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  1. Rod Arthur says:

    Steve went to West Central Community HS in Maynard

    Those are almost fighting words!!!

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