Kim Burco

Burco at Kammerstock

Kim Burco at Kammerstock 2015

Kim Burco played drums with the Oelwein band Sound Incorporated. He has now relocated to  Michigan and plays with The Burco-Melon Project.

burco melon

MELON (The Burco-Melon Project also known as the Melon Show)) was formed in June 2011 with the sole purpose of creating fresh new music. With the creative writings of songwriters Kim Burco and Bruce (Smooth Melon) Shockley, each show takes you on a journey of musical diversity. You will not hear these fine compositions at any other show anywhere. Unless Toby, Kenny, George, Darius or many other stars picks up some of this fine material. Then you will hear it everywhere.

Kim Burco on the drums, Bruce Shockley on guitar

Band Members:

Kim Burco – Drums and Vocal
Bruce Shockley – Guitar, Sax, Harmonica and Lead Vocal
Ron Miller – Bass and Vocal

Location: Mattawan, MI

Burco Melon Official website

Listen to their songs on Reverb Nation

Videos from YouTube

Blame it on the Beatles

We Got all Night:


Escaping Reality:

Video 1:

High As I Can Climb


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