Johnny Clendenen

Johnny Clendenen, Sherry Clendenen, Jim Mazziotti, Rick Clendenen and Jim Ponder,

Johnny’s band was the “House Band” at Berger’s Tap in Downtown Oelwein for many years.
Johnny’s band played all over Iowa in addition to Wisconsin and Minnesota.
The band recorded two songs, “Bull Dog”, and “Blues Stay Away From Me”
Johnny Clendenen was “Rockabilly” before the term was invented and he enjoyed how many of his fans thought he looked and acted like Elvis.

Need more info about Johnny’ band!

Little Tommy Kammer with the Impalas at Berger’s Tap


4 comments on “Johnny Clendenen
  1. I believe I played drums for Johnny in 1967-68, I was 13 and 14. I will never forget when Johnny & brother, Rick, came to our home and asked my parents if I could play drums for their band on Friday and Saturday nights, most often at Burgers Tap in Oelwein. Can’t believe my very strict father allowed me to do so. Johnny said to my father, “We will take care of Jim and make sure he is safe.” Man, the Clendenen boys and bass player, Jim Ponder, sure had a great time playing. I remember that I was paid $9 a night. Big bucks for a little kid! All were very kind and wonderful people. I learned a lot about music and a lot about people those years.
    Jim Mazziotti

  2. Dawn Ponder says:

    Thank you so much! I was really excited to see this site. Brings back a lot of memories!! My Dad played with Butch Gage, Keith Benter and Pee Wee also. I recognize a lot of those names, this is a really great idea!

  3. Dawn Ponder says:

    My name is Dawn Ponder. I remember this, I have this picture, my Dad is in it. He is the one on the far right standing next to Rick Clendenen. My Dad’s last name was Ponder, not Ponzer, just wanted to make that correction. He played in Many bands throughout his life, he could play lead, rhythm, bass and steel guitar. I loved hearing him play no matter what band he was in. Miss him and his talent very much!!

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