Dixie Hankins

Dixie started out her career by playing drums with the Oelwein favorite The Bobby Hankins Show.

Dixie got to know Marty Stuart from when she lived in Nashville. She worked at the Ernest Tubb Record Shop and he would come in regularly to visit and shop. She also got to to know his sister and mother who were around a lot in Nashville. Dixie and her band recently had the honor of opening for Marty Stuart.  See her backstage shot of her and Marty.


Dixie with Marty Stuart


She is still playing regularly in Texas and is based out of Fort Worth.








Dixie playing tribute show of Tammy Wynnette with her daughter Georgette Jones. The only child of Tammy Wynnette and George Jones.

3 comments on “Dixie Hankins
  1. Ronda Ballman says:

    My grandfather played with Bobby Hankins and they are now passed my grandmother has a guitar that Bobby played and then gave it to my grandfather to play she still has it in it case

  2. David Elledge says:

    Dixie is a cousin of mine. Her father was Bobby Hankins, whose father was Jimmie Hankins. Jimmie was a brother to David Hankins, who was my grandfather. David had a daughter named Alice Hankins and a son named Dean Hankins. Alice Hankins was my mother.
    Both she and Dean are deceased. My mother Alice Hankins married Bert Elledge Jr.

    David Elledge

  3. We miss you playing with Jody Nix. His music is not as “crisp” as it used to be when you were there.

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